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Project Based Turnkey Integrator Services

We, being StreamDelta, set out by giving full range offers for the software projects having specification and feasibility within the scope of our services. Analysis, project management, software development, design, test, activation of the software procedures are under our responsibility within the service. We provide from end to end program and project management, analysis, software, design and test services special to your organization by virtue of our experienced, certified and specialized resources for your needs designated in this area.

It is sufficient for us to know your organization’s needs and requirements in our project based turnkey services. Our professional team makes an appropriate management planning so as to complete the analysis process. Later, we proceed to the architectural stage and a design compatible with the strategic stance of your organization is applied. Afterwards, software is developed in order to ensure cost efficiency and to enhance productivity. Meanwhile, the test procedures are performed carefully by our test engineers for preventing any fault in the system, at this stage test scenarios are also built and the alignment of expectations is measured with the analysis. The activation of the software is carried out by the professional employees of the StreamDelta.