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KPI-Based Managed Services

We give service remotely (at our office) or at your location with SLA bases packaged solutions consisting of role groups such as analysis, software, test, operation or from end to end service to your needs for identified information technologies in StreamDelta.

Such a working model is guiding in terms of being efficiency enhancing. We, as StreamDelta, act together with your organization for converting the deficiencies emerged at every stage into positive because of our involvement in the process from beginning to the end. Everything you need is available in our SLA based solution packages. Our criteria with respect to quality, scheduling and performance are also applicable to our KPI Based Services. Firstly, we examine the current state with our specialized staff within the service. Never interrupting the information flow, we make a realistic planning by keeping in mind all scenarios. Afterwards, we start to work and pass to implementation after preparing monthly report cards.