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About Us

StreamDelta has started its operations in the Middle East and Africa Telecommunications market for delivering capabilities, projects and solutions in BSS and OSS domains. StreamDelta specifically focuses in System Integration, Technical and Business Consultancy as well as custom solution (software) development in multiple geographical regions. In order to achieve its goals, StreamDelta hires and makes available the most elite services team for its customers, differentiating itself from competition by utilizing the market experts for undertaking complex tasks requiring high level of commitment, focus and going the extra mile to succeed for its clients.

Since its foundation, StreamDelta was able to attract many individuals who are experts in strategic Telecommunications domains both from technical and business including Billing, CRM, Customer Experience Management, Mediation, Provisioning and Network Engineering (CS/PS Core, IP Networking-Transmission, RF Planning&Optimisation). StreamDelta will continue to grow attracting top local and international experts and will become one of the major technology players in the market along with its ongoing services Middle East, Africa and Europe.